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Universal Product Codes (UPC-A)

For use in North America

UPC-As (or GTIN-12s) are still in use across North America and your trading partner may sometimes request that you use these instead of the standard GTIN-13 that is used globally today. 

Please note that in most cases a UPC is a generic term used by US retailers when referring to a barcode. GTIN-13s (or EANs) are a global standard that should also be accepted by any major US retailer, so we strongly advise you to check that you require a UPC prefix before joining. If you’re unsure whether you need a UPC or not, please contact our Member Support on 0808 178 8799 or alternatively call 020 7092 3501.

Get in contact with GS1 US, if you still feel you need a UPC code.