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Universal Product Codes (UPC-A)

For use in North America

UPC-As (or GTIN-12s) are still in use across North America and your trading partner may sometimes request that you use these instead of the standard GTIN-13 that is used globally today. 

Please note that in most cases a UPC is a generic term used by US retailers when referring to a barcode. GTIN-13s (or EANs) are a global standard that should also be accepted by any major US retailer, so we strongly advise you to check that you require a UPC prefix before applying. If you’re unsure whether you need a UPC or not, please contact our Member Support on 0808 178 8799 or alternatively call 020 7092 3501.

Get in contact with our member support team, if you would like to apply for a UPC prefix, on 0808 178 8799 or alternatively call 020 7092 3501.