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GTIN Check

Verify your data against GS1’s database of more than 10bn GTINs

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The Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) Check provides our members with direct access to GS1’s Global registry of GTINs – giving them increased confidence that their product data is based on valid GTINs.

The GTIN is the base identifier for products within the GS1 system of standards and has historically been used by bricks and mortar retail channels to identify and track products through their supply chains.

The GTIN is now also increasingly used by major e-commerce sites and online marketplaces, while also being used by the healthcare industry to identify and track products and people, quickly and securely through their hospitals.

GTIN Check allows GS1 UK members the opportunity to verify that the GTINs they are using on their systems are valid and used in accordance with GS1’s global standards.

Why use GTIN Check?

GTIN Check can help our members with several different business needs:

  • Real-time verification across marketplaces and e-commerce sites to show listed products have valid GS1 GTINs
  • Cleansing existing product databases to ensure that listed products have valid GS1 GTINs
  • Guaranteeing compliance of business processes such as the NHS mandate for use of GTINs

How does GTIN Check work?

GTIN Check provides users with the information they need to manage and improve the quality of product data they use in their businesses.

In supplying GS1 UK with a GTIN for verification, the user will receive a response that informs them of the following:

  • The data is correctly structured as a GTIN
  • The data is not an alternative GS1 key e.g. coupon number
  • The data is from a Global/GS1 Company Prefix (GCP) that has been issued by a GS1 Member Organisation
  • The data is an active GCP and has not expired

If the GTIN Check generates a failed response the user will also receive one of ten reason codes that will help the user to take remedial action such as:

  • Error 101 - GTIN is too short
  • Error 104 - GTIN final digit is not correct – should be ‘X’
  • Error 301 - GTIN includes letters – please check that you have not mistyped ‘O’ instead of ‘0’

How can I use GTIN Check?

GTIN Check is available to use in two different service offerings:

GTIN Live Check provides users with the ability to perform real-time checks against GS1’s global list of over 10bn issued GTINs. Users will be given an API to integrate into their business systems giving them live access to GS1, with a verification response returned within 0.1 seconds.

GTIN Batch Check is a managed service that gives users the ability to verify large files of information with multiple GTINs simultaneously. Users will receive a detailed response with suggested actions to address any failed GTINs.

Files should be provided in CSV format with pricing packages based on 25m record checks per user per annum.

How much does it cost?

GS1 UK is a not-for-profit organisation so we keep our prices as low as possible for our members.

Set-up fee Annual fee Details
£2,500 Free Set-up fee includes GS1 UK support to establish and test the live API feed

All prices exclude VAT

GTIN Check is also available to be used by our GS1 UK partner community. If you are a partner and are interested in having access to GTIN Check please get in touch.

How do I sign-up?

To find out more about GTIN Check and to sign-up for the service please contact us. And if you’re not already a member you can join here.