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GEPIR: your fast route to GS1 member info

GEPIR is the only service that lets you search the full GS1 database – UK or globally – to access vital member information such as contacts

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GEPIR (Global Electronic Party Information Registry) is the only service that lets you search the full GS1 database – UK and globally – to access vital contact information that lies behind each barcode. It’s quick and easy.

Why use GEPIR?

You may just want to know the parent company behind a certain barcode number, product or invoice you’ve received. Or maybe you’re a logistics service provider, consumer, market researcher or government agency such as customs. If so, GEPIR information can help your everyday operations.

What you can do with GEPIR 

  • Identify the licensed owners of GS1 numbers – and find out their contact information
  • Search more than 40,000 GS1 UK members and over two million members globally

You can access GEPIR in two ways:

1. GEPIR online – free access to all GS1 UK members

GEPIR online is free-to-use for all GS1 UK members.

Access GEPIR now

If you are not a GS1 UK member yet join now to start using GEPIR online.

2. iGEPIR – free mobile app for access on the go

You can also access GEPIR on the go with your mobile phone or tablet. Use iGEPIR to scan the GS1 barcode on a package label to find out the contact details of the company behind the barcode. Or simply type the barcode number in.

Download the app for iPhone