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Manage coupons the smart way

Controlling coupons can be a frustrating and expensive challenge for retailers

Coupon issuer list

Our coupon issuer list lets you programme your point-of-sale (POS) tills to only redeem coupons from known issuers – barring coupons from unknown or unwanted issuers.

The list also allows the processing of POS data to calculate the value of coupons redeemed from each issuer. And it provides running information on coupon expiry.

How does it work?

The coupon issuer list features all active UK and Euro coupon prefixes issued by GS1 UK. POS tills can then instantly check these against a complete list of those we’ve withdrawn – making sure you don’t accept unwanted coupons. 

All GS1 UK coupons include the name of the company to which they were issued, with the issue date – or date withdrawn.  And when it’s been provided by the coupon issuer, details of who to contact for more information about the coupon and the relevant industry sector of the company.

Cost and delivery

The cost of a 12 month subscription is £6,000. Alternatively you can receive a one-off list for £4,000.

The list is delivered monthly in Excel format by email to registered subscribers. 

All prices exclude VAT.

Want to subscribe or find out more?

Read our coupon issuer list fact sheet or apply via the links below to subscribe. And if you have any questions then just get in touch.

One off coupon issuer list

Coupon issuer list annual subscription