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Ensuring data quality


Accurate data is an essential component of a visible, secure, and sustainable supply chain. Industry studies have shown that two-thirds of product information shared between trading partners has data accuracy errors.

Our standards give you the tools to build a firm foundation for improving data quality and collaborative commerce. They will make sure your organisation's data is complete, consistent and compliant with regulations.

With customers demanding more and more information about the products they buy, can you afford to get it wrong?

Who should attend?

The course is suitable for anyone needing to know about GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) assignment and management for their organisation. This includes master data teams, new product development teams and anyone else responsible for weights, dimensions and new lines forms.

Typical attendees include:

  • New members
  • Quality assurance staff
  • New product development staff
  • Marketing staff
  • Technical, warehouse and supply chain staff
  • 3PL (third party logistics) and transportation staff
  • Staff involved with item master maintenance, eCommerce and packaging
What you will learn
  • How to improve your internal data quality governance
  • How to increases customer satisfaction by ensuring the accuracy of product information such as ingredients and dimensions
  • How GS1 standards improve supply chain efficiencies and cuts costs by reducing errors
  • How data quality ensures better compliance with industry standards and regulations
  • How to provide more detailed and accurate product information displayed online in search results
Course outline
  • The GS1 System
  • The cost of bad data
  • GS1 Data Quality Framework
  • GTINs and hierarchies
  • Package Measurement Rules
  • Global Data Synchronisation (GDS)
Pricing and how to book this course

Duration: 4 hours
Member price (up to 8 people): £1,100 plus VAT
Member price (9+ people): £1,500 plus VAT
Non-member price: £2,000 plus VAT

Email or call us on 0808 178 8799 to discuss your requirements in more detail or to arrange delivery of this course onsite.