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Alkemics SAS


Alkemics is an intuitive platform that helps retailers and brands manage, collaborate and share product data in one secured place.


The Digital Collaboration Platform for Retail

Alkemics is a collaborative platform that helps retailers, brands and solutions partners to digitize, collect and share product data in one secured place.

Alkemics for Retailers : Collect B2C and B2B product data from all your suppliers in one single secured place

  • Automate listing process to accelerate go-to-market
    Increase productivity and decrease time to market with automated collection, correction and sharing of high quality product data (marketing/regulatory/logistics..).
  • All product information in one place
    From GTIN to high quality videos - ALL information - B2B logistics data and B2C customer facing product information in one place
  • High quality data to drive operational excellence
    Centralize Communication with suppliers and imagine new usage scenarios through an integrated and intuitive collaborative platform.
  • Build stronger relationships with omnichannel shoppers
    Power e-commerce websites and improve offline-online shopper experience with rich content built for the digital world.
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulation
    Alkemics’ native compliance checks offer peace of mind and ensure that the products on website contain all required information.

Alkemics for Brands : More than 5 000 brands to collaborate with their retailers

  • Simplify Content Exchanges with Retailers
    Accelerate Go-to-Market by reducing listing delays and simplifying content exchanges with retailers.
  • Drive Sales Online with Improved Brand Visibility
    Utilize rich content to improve shopper experience across all channels.
  • Address Retailers' Data Regulatory Requirements
    Ensure product data is compliant with the latest industry regulation.
  • Centralize Data Management Across The Organization
    Standardize product data management to ensure accuracy, quality and collaboration.
  • Follow, analyse and improve data quality and relationship with retailers
    Simple reports allow to follow in real time the conformity of regulatory data, the completeness of product pages and all retailers ‘s requests.
  • Gain agility and speed
    By connecting and sharing all their product data with existing solutions partners (import / export) in just a few clicks through the Alkemics App Store.
  • Flexible tool built for both global leaders and SMBs
    Alkemics is built to adapt to the needs for brands of all sizes, from the largest global organizations to the smallest regional player.

Different Business Verticals

  • Grocery
  • Health & Beauty
  • Perfumery
  • Out of Home / Foodservice

Alkemics is a certified GS1 data pool supporting industry standard protocols, supercharged by a flexible data model, allowing us to adapt to the ever-increasing needs of each fast-innovative industry.

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