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Epay Ltd

epay is one of the UK’s leading electronic payment solution providers, the service behind transactions at over 156,000 points of sale.


Epayment and prepaid transactions have changed how consumers buy in the UK and epay are leading the way.  We’re committed to becoming the leading processor and distributor of electronic payments in the world.

As part of Euronet Worldwide, we bring retailers and partners together in 35 countries to increase their sales and revenue. From independent to large multiple retailers we offer payment and distribution systems including gift cards, online gaming, mobile and bill payments, ticketing, road tolling, money transfer, lottery and loyalty schemes.

We help bring the products and services of the world’s leading brands, such as iTunes and Microsoft, into physical or virtual retail environments and into the hands of consumers when they want them. Electronic payments provide a fantastic opportunity to increase your product range and ensure your future as a successful retailer.

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