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Nedap Retail

At Nedap Retail, we work around the globe to deliver industry-leading products, services and solutions for our customers’ diverse needs in loss prevention and stock management. Our inventive thinking and collaborative spirit allows us to deliver tailor-made solutions for the fast paced retail sector.


Nedap offers practical solutions to typical challenges retailers face worldwide. Our mission is to make it simple for retailers to always have the right products available so that their customers can find what they want, wherever and whenever they want. In this way products are always in stock, on the right shelf, and staff spend less time looking for missing products and have more time to serve customers. To enable this Nedap offer two technology platforms:

The iSense hardware platform consists of RF/RFID readers for in-store use. The high-performance, IP-based hardware enables retailers to have full transparency of stock loss i.e. where it occurs and when it occurs.

The !D Cloud software suite is specifically developed for retail applications to raise the retailer’s stock accuracy. !D Cloud offers out-of-the-box support with RFID readers to feed the retailer’s existing ERP system with accurate data in order optimise on-shelf merchandise availability and enable omnichannel services.

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  • EPC information services
  • Inventory management
  • Electronic product code
  • Advanced shipping notifications