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GS1 has developed Global Data Synchronisation (GDS) a system that enables trading partners to access and exchange product information in a common language securely in real time. In order to operate as part of the GDS Network all data pools must be certified ensuring minimum performance, reliability and security standards.


TrueSource is an online tool for storing and managing your product information. With TrueSource you enter product information once and then have the ability to maintain and manage your data in one place.

Users can publish their data to trading partners via Global Data Synchronisation (GDS); information shared on the GDS network is presented in a consistent, industry standard format.

TrueSource benefits

• Keep track of key product features in one place 
• Manage/update information and ensure there is only one single version of product information
• Maintain good business relationships by publishing accurate product data directly to trading partners


Partner details


  • Asset management