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Torchwood Technologies Ltd

RFID, barcodes, NFC bespoke, ruggedized labels. Project Management/Installation and consultancy services.


Torchwood Technologies is involved in all aspects of tracking and tracing and manfactures a range of bespoke RFID /NFC/ Barcoded high resistance products in South Wales. We specialize in providing ruggedized labels for use in all conditions, using high impact adhesives and pride ourselves on providing labels for use where others fail. As a result, our tags have been successfully deployed by a number of 'blue chip' clients in a wide variety of vertical markets including, healthcare, asset management, logistics, retail, facilities management, stadiums and many others.

•Over 25 years combined expertise and experience 
•End to end bespoke service
•Project Management and installation. 

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  • Asset management
  • Inventory management
  • Patient safety
  • Procurement efficiency
  • Master data management