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The Packshot Company

We provide still and video imagery for ecommerce and both ATL and BTL advertising, marketing, design, PR, editorial and OEM's along with volume image and digital content management solutions to retail. Across all channels and throughout Europe we are the end to end tier one enterprise solution.

Description are the UK's leading retail ecommerce provider, combining product photography, data capture and management for a complete content solution. We operate the majority of the UK's in-house studios for leading multichannel retailers.

Our "shoot and serve" concept means images can be viewed anywhere in the world on any standard image browser as the shoot takes place. For major retailers, images can be instantly served by URL in virtual real-time, allowing sales to commence from the day of the shoot.

We capture, retouch, process and supply associated data for over 4000 images per day and are trusted and recommended by the key European ecommerce platform providers.

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