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Positive Healthcare

Positive Healthcare is dedicated to providing practical, people-orientated solutions to your Auto-ID problems.


Drawing on many years of Manufacturing, Warehousing, Distribution, and over a decade of NHS specific experience, works with FDI Technology to provide a suite of applications designed to work with both modern and legacy systems, thereby maximising the return on your initial investment, to produce customised solutions without changing any core software. uses FDI printing solutions to upgrade old printers to modern, quieter label printers using any media on any printer without any software changes. pos-itive.boz is working with Trusts to implement this in line with the NPSA standards with both 1D and GS1 2D barcodes for wristbands and other output requirements today. 

For a complete end to end solution for printing and capturing Auto-ID information in the NHS or in Industry then call

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