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Logopak International Ltd

Inventors and Innovators in Print and apply.
Barcode labels. Coding and marking.


Logopak are the leading print and apply and barcode experts in Europe. Reliable and robust, our print and apply machines deliver the longevity and reliability required to meet the demands of modern industry.

Logopak have been a major innovator in print and apply for over 30 years, and continue to lead the way with the launch of Vericoder - a world first for the print and apply industry. This fully integrated barcode verifier makes manual verification checks a thing of the past, with 100% barcode quality guaranteed. 

Case Labelling

Logopak offer two print & apply solutions suitable for case labelling where global standard barcode labels are applied to facilitate the handling and tracking of an item. A wide range of applicator types are easily fitted to the unit to allow labels to be applied on all faces of the product.

The outer case label contains either a ITF14, EAN13 or GS1-128 barcode that identifies the product (GTIN) and can also contain BBE, batch and quantity information.

Depending on throughput speeds, Logopak offers two suitable case labellers. All equipment is manufactured in-house and does not rely on any third party integration of hardware or software.

  • 410  - low cost print & apply case labeller, up to 40 labels per minute.
  • 515  - high speed print & apply case labeller with large capacity roll, up to 100 labels per minute.

Pallet Labelling & SSCC

Logopak offers flexible print and apply solutions suitable for pallet labelling where global standard barcode labels are applied to facilitate the handling and tracking of an item.

A completed pallet requires barcode labels on two adjacent faces of the pallet (one long side, one short side) to allow visibility of a barcode label when the pallet is stored in racking.  Further developments within the supply chain could mean that a third label is required to satisfy national and regional distribution centre automated scanning warehouses. All labels are applied in real-time and the barcode is displayed in ‘picket fence’ (vertical bars) orientation.

The label format in most cases contains an SSCC barcode. This is a completely unique number identifying the logistics unit.  In most cases this label will be applied automatically to the front, side or rear faces of the pallet.

The pallet is usually static whilst the labels are applied to prevent the wrong label from being applied to the wrong pallet, and any poorly printed barcodes can be automatically re-applied.


Any product entering the distribution / logistics supply chain requires identification in the form of a barcode shipping label. Predominantly the major carriers (DPD, TNT, Royal Mail, Hermes, Fedex, DHL) enforce the use of barcodes that conform to predefined individual company standards.

Logopak have experience of working with all the major carriers and have shipping label layouts approved and ready to implement for DPD, Parcel Force, Royal Mail and FedEx, Business Post, Amtrak, Home Delivery, UPS and more.

Logopak also work with some of the largest mail order companies in the UK.

Solutions include standard shipping labels, document inserters for delivery note, invoice etc. to be inserted into box or bag, and over-shipping labels (OSL) which combine the shipping label and documents in one application. 

The barcode symbology used can be Code 39, GS1 128, and Code 128 ideally printed onto a A6 sized shipping label that is applied to the side or top surface of a cardboard or bagged outer. The use of 2d barcodes is becoming more frequent due to the amount of data encrypted in such a small area compared to linear codes. One label per unit is acceptable if printed on demand, applied in ‘real-time’ and the barcode is displayed in ‘picket fence’ (vertical) orientation.

Keg & Cask Labelling

The major brewers enforce the use of barcodes that conform to predefined individual company standards.  Barcodes are key for traceability of product from brewery to public house and the return of the keg / cask. The label also provides the landlords with mandatory product description and best before date.

The barcode symbology used can be Code 39, GS1 128, and Code 128 ideally printed onto a 100mm x 70mm sized label that is applied to the top surface on the keg / cask.  The label media is a unique material that can withstand the transport process and changing weather conditions, yet still be removed during the returns washing process.

Vericoder - the first integrated verifier that ensures 100% consistent quality for barcodes.

Before the launch of Logopak’s Vericoder, the most commonplace method of checking barcode quality was through manual offline checks. With Logopak’s Vericoder, these checks can now be carried out automatically to ISO or ANSI standard, removing the need for calibration, controlled lighting conditions and manual intervention. The Vericoder replaces scientific instruments with an industrial-quality unit using technology licensed from verification experts Axicon. Typically, the Vericoder takes 25 scans per barcode – 15 more than the minimum 10 scans  defined by the standards. These 25 scans are used to give a true average grade of the entire barcode.

Vericoder provides full evaluation of the barcode characteristics as defined  ISO/IEC 15426-1. It reads the black and white bars but then goes on to evaluate characteristics such as nominal/actual print contrast signal, light and dark reference, ratio and magnification variation, check-sum analysis and metric deviations. From this a quality grading is given, as well as diagnostic data for remedial action should a barcode fail to meet the minimum standard set.

As the Vericoder is a fully integrated part of the print and apply system, the labeller can be configured to allow a preset minimum quality grade before signalling alarms either audiovisual or direct to line PLC’s.

The ability to ensure 100% barcode quality through every step of the supply chain will help address a thorny logistics issue. Furthermore, manufacturers can avoid the risk of substantial penalty fines from retailers.

About Logopak

Our philosophy today is the same it’s always been. We expect the best, and we only supply the best. Our machines must last 10 years or more in full production. We like to go the extra mile. Where others use a single bearing, we use two. Where others use plastic, we use metal. We don’t rely on third party suppliers for our printers – we design and build our own. All of this attention to detail and quality gives us and our customers the ultimate peace of mind.

Skilled staff in our manufacturing complex in the countryside north of Hamburg design our own machinery, electronics, and software. We manufacture, assemble and thoroughly test all Logopak print & apply labelling systems ourselves.

We are confident that when installed on production lines, our product is more reliable, more efficient, lasts longer and has much lower downtime than every other competitive product in the market place.

Logopak print and apply labelling to industrial standards, for tough environments.

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