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LANSA provides Product Information Management, GDSN connectivity and data quality assurance software for organisations committed to, or working towards the adoption of GS1 Standards.


LANSA's Solutions for PIM & GDSN

For over 10 years now LANSA has been providing organizations with product information management (PIM) software to address compliance requirements, regulatory demands and supply chain efficiency. LANSA’s master data management solutions help businesses to better manage, validate and synchronize their product data with trading partners worldwide.

Unlike other solutions LANSA has a strong pedigree working across multiple industries (e.g. Retail, CPG/FMCG, Food Service, Healthcare & DIY) with the GS1 system of standards for Item Identification and Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) participation. Many of the world’s most well known brands choose LANSA because of our strong affiliations with industry, technological innovation and ability to support customers worldwide from our offices across the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific.

Enterprise PIM for GS1 GDSN Participation

Data Sync DirectLANSA's flagship GDSN enabled Product Information Management System, certified to 1Worldsync Major Release 3 (MR3/MjR3) standards. Data Sync Direct is for Enterprises demanding highly customized solutions based specifically around the GS1 System of Standards. Key markets using Data Sync Direct include: Retail, CPG, Healthcare, DIY and Food Service.

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Cloud-based PIM solution

SyncManagerSyncManager is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution designed to manage master data within and between enterprises. SyncManager forms a central repository for storing this master data and provides powerful functionality such as automatically validating data quality against industry standards, sharing data electronically with those who need it and keeping master data synchronized between different system.

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White paperMedical Devices and Pharmaceuticals

The new role of data as the key ingredient of product quality

Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals are manufactured all over the world to the highest possible standards of quality and cleanliness. Regulators and health authorities, driven by the need to; prevent counterfeits, improve outcomes and reduce costs are increasingly enforcing similarly stringent regulation on the data that travels with these products from manufacture through the supply chain and to the patient. 

This paper explores the role of the data that accompanies a product through its life-cycle and how medical device and pharmaceutical companies can leverage the quality of the data they provide for competitive advantage. 

Download LANSA's Free White Paper 'Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals - The new role of data as the key ingredient of product quality" 

White paperData Quality

How to implement a GS1-compliant Data Quality Management System in FMCG

Regain control of your product data quality by following GS1 GDSN standards and implementing best practices of the GS1 Data Quality Framework. In this White Paper you will learn how a Product Information Management (PIM) system can be the tool for quick and efficient compliance.

Download LANSA's Free White Paper “How to implement a GS1-compliant Data Quality Management System in FMCG" 

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