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Haldor Advanced Technologies

Haldor Advanced Technologies has developed a comprehensive RFID enabled Surgical item Visibility platform. ORLocate is the first commercially available inter-operable system that leverages RFID technology to track, manage and analyze surgical instruments on an individual basis, before, during and post-surgical procedure.


ORLocate enables hospitals to significantly reduce costs associated with surgical instrument shrinkage, both in the perioperative continuum and in Sterile Processing Departments. ORLocate increases staff productivity, eliminates manual counting procedures, improves patient safety and dramatically reduces Retained Surgical Item risks.

Developed with input from leading surgeons and instrument manufacturers, the modular leading-edge solution with its purpose designed theatre ready equipment can count multiple batches of both clean and soiled instruments in seconds. ORLocate solution’s rapid ROI, is achieved by cost savings associated with saved time in every stage of the instrument workflow process, zero RSI incidents and the ability to ensure that no defective instruments enter a set.  Associating instruments to sets and monitoring them throughout their lifecycle enables inventory reduction. Instrument migration is eradicated with set validation guaranteed while instruments shrinkage is reduced dramatically.  Training SPD operatives is reduced due to the automated nature of the solution. Full compliance with the NICE and CJD guidelines is enabled by auditable statistical reporting & analysis module. This is the solution that the industry has been waiting for.

The only FDA/CE certified solution, ORLocate easily integrates with your current HIS, EMR, ERP systems. Designed to support HL7 protocols, assured compliance with GS1 Standards and UDI ready. 

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  • Patient safety
  • Radio frequency identification