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Healthcare procurement efficiency through effective implementation of intelligent IT. Software. Inventory Management. Catalogue Management. EDI. Exchange.


GHX UK Ltd. is part of Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX), a global healthcare technology and services company. GHX works to reduce the cost of doing business in healthcare by enabling better supply chain management. GHX makes it easier for hospitals, other healthcare providers and the suppliers that do business with them to drive cost and inefficiency out of their processes.

In the UK, GHX has grown into a market leader in catalogue management and electronic data interchange (EDI) enabling hospitals and suppliers to conduct business with a greater number of their trading partners through a single exchange. GHX is now a collaborative community connected through a robust, reliable and scalable infrastructure where providers and suppliers can conduct business with one another electronically.
GHX offers:
• An open and neutral electronic trading exchange
• Content, catalogues and contract management
• Inventory and stock management
• Business intelligence and reporting
• Standards enablement and data synchronization
• Expert consultancy and business support services

Follow GHX on Twitter @GHX_UK and get a global perspective on healthcare industry news, issues and trends at the company’s blog, the GHX Healthcare Hub.


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Inventory Management


  • Procurement efficiency
  • Inventory management
  • Advanced shipping notifications
  • Master data management
  • GS1 standards verification