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catalog360 Limited

catalog360 is a provider of cloud-based catalog solutions. Our company, established in 1995, is based in the UK from where we serve our customers worldwide.


catalog360 currently hosts 1.6m products and is designed to be an easy-to-use product information management (PIM) service which makes the very latest product data universally available from a single cloud-based source.
catalog360 provides advanced eProcurement functionality such as eSourcing, eRequisitions, PunchOut Catalogs and eInvoicing using the leading protocols including SAP OCI, cXML, PEPPOL and EDI.
It can be easily integrated into datapools, on-premise or cloud-based ERP, CRM, eProcurement or eCommerce solutions via the catalog360 Hub.
We can also assist companies in ensuring that their product data is complete and accurate with a Data Quality and Image Service. Weights, dimensions, and images of all packaging levels are captured according to industry and customer standards, using the latest imaging, scanning and weighing technologies.

catalog360 - The cloud catalog company for your most important business.

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