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Acumentive Limited

We are a GS1 Solution Partner, delivering:
- acces to real-time centralised, accurate and automated data
- award-winning asset management software
- auto-ID technologies including barcode, RFID, RTLS and Bluetooth Low Energy
- the ability to integrate with other third party inventory/supply chain managment interfaces


At Acumentive, our aim is to deliver smart, innovative solutions for real-time locating, tracking and management of an asset over its lifecycle.

As industry experts in auto-ID (Barcode, RFID, RTLS and Bluetooth beacons) we have created fit-for-purpose business applications by combining the most appropriate hardware technologies with cost effective, easy-to-use SenseAnyWare software.

Our GS1 Certified solutions are more flexible, can be delivered faster, and have lower
infrastructure requirements and total cost of ownership than other auto-ID offerings.

Our applications generate in-year savings for our customers, as well as efficiencies generated from improved asset visibility, increased productivity and utilisation, reduced capital expenditure for ‘lost’ items and greater supply chain governance.


For organisations who need to be able to physically locate and track as well as mange and report on their assets and equipment, our flagship product SenseAnyWare provides a complete end-to-end solution.

SenseAnyWare is powered by sophisticated, automated data gathering capabilities. The platform uses best of breed non-proprietary (GS1 certified) hardware and can simultaneously gather and process location information from multiple sources and technologies. The application not only delivers real-time location of an asset, but can capture attributes, workflow, activity, status and history.

Customisable to your organisation's requirements, SenseAnyWare is also designed to integrate with other commercial saftware systems, providing increased benefit throughout an organisation. The system can be a standard configuration for simple locating functionality, or a fully customised enterprise solution.

SenseAnyWare CONNECT

Already have an asset register but rely on manual, sporadic and inconsistent entry of information about an individual item?

SenseAnyWare Connect is a Location-as-a-Service solutions that enables organisations with existing asset/inventory management systems to conduct automated real-time locating and tracking.

Fast and flexible, the platform allows swift deployment of auto-ID infrastructure, and aggregates location data from multiple streams and technologies into a single repository for extraction to third party systems through published APIs.

SenseAnyWare Connect provides significant value-add to organisations; maximising the investment and operational efficiency of existing systems, with minimal disruption to users.

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  • Asset management
  • Radio frequency identification
  • Inventory management