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Meet the Traders

The trader in you always has an eye out for an opportunity!


Traders are never just browsing online – they’ve got a nose for what sells and able to spot the next being thing or an underserved gap. Ready to crunch the numbers and see if it’s something that can turn a profit on (but sometimes it is just best to follow your instincts).

They’re all about slick operations, making sure the solutions are in place to to get the next big thing in front of the shopper with as little fuss and as much margin intact as possible.

Many Traders need to work on their back-end process optimisation. They can grow their business by increasing efficiency, typically by trialling automatic listing software for marketplace platforms. High volume sales strategies could lead to investment in digitised stock management solutions. And as their product range expands they should seek out further advice on how marketplaces differ in terms of pros cons, fees, and requirements.

Why not take our quiz and find out what kind of online seller you are!

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Meet the Member

Meet the member

Our members share their business stories - how they started and their plans for the future