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Meet the Pioneers

Your pioneering side pushes your business forward, seeking new frontiers!


Pioneers are early adopters by their nature. Constantly on the look out for a new opportunity – through different channels at home or abroad. They’ve got the experience and nous to put together a refined offer that can maximise their effect when entering a new market.

Sometimes expansion is only part of the puzzle. For pioneers taking the time to reflect and making sure they’ve got the internal support structures – technology, thinking and resources – to sustain or even increase how far they can expand is vital.

To get the most out of marketplaces, Pioneers should invest time and resources into automated solutions that reduce cost. They also need to give more focus on marketing and sales, leveraging brand awareness and maintaining brand appeal.

Real life examples of Pioneers

Velocity Boohoo Cambridge Satchel company

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Meet the Member

Meet the member

Our members share their business stories - how they started and their plans for the future