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Meet the Innovators

Your innovative side gives you the vision to find a better way!


Innovators can zero in on one of life’s problems and spot the solution. Motivating a small but like-minded team, they're building a business at the cutting edge of their niche market. The solutions they design make the rest of our lives better or easier.

Able to take technology in their stride, but honing their digital skills set to make sure they have the right tools to tell their stories - will help fast track their innovations into world beaters.

To be successful Innovators need to concentrate on channel integration and their marketing and sales. They need to focus on how best to build their brand and developing their seller profile. They should also prioritise linking marketplace profiles to their own website and integrating sales and product stock updates.

Real life examples of Innovators

Cocoon I want a standing desk Peace & Blessings

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The rise of UK’s digital entrepreneurs: harnessing the power of online marketplaces

The rise of UK’s digital entrepreneurs

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Meet the Member

Meet the member

Our members share their business stories - how they started and their plans for the future