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Meet the Growers

The grower in you is the agent of change driving your business to embrace digital!


Growers are the cools heads that understand their business inside and out. Part of the family, they know the customer, the people, the roles and most importantly what needs to be done to adapt to the changing world of retail.

Displaying caution and protecting the brand that’s been built is key for them. But, balancing this with where and when to trade on the emerging eCommerce channels, will be key to ensuring their business doesn’t stagnate.

Growers need advice on how to most effectively use marketplaces alongside physical channels and integrating offline stock management with new online sales. Growers might also look to invest more time and effort on how best to improve data collection to review and compare online and offline sales.

Real life examples of Growers

Something Wicked Harrogate Candle Company De Mamiel

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Meet the Member

Meet the member

Our members share their business stories - how they started and their plans for the future