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Product identifiers

Whether you call them EANs, UPCs or GTINs – there’s only one authentic source

Product Identifiers

To trade on Amazon or eBay you need to identify your products with a unique GS1 identifier, what we call a Global Trade Item Number or a GTIN. These numbers have been used in retail for over 40 years to identify products anywhere in the world – you’ll recognise them as the numbers underneath a barcode.

By getting your product identifiers from a GS1 member organisation you know they’ll be unique and traceable to your company. Giving you the peace of mind that you won’t have to double your efforts, or even worse, lose your product listings all together.

Using a standardised way of identifying your products is the first step in joining over two million companies worldwide that already use GTINs and the GS1 system. Which is why if you sell to other businesses, your customers are likely to ask you for your products’ GTIN.

It all starts with a GS1 Company Prefix

When you join GS1 UK we licence you a unique Company Prefix. And from this simple start, you can identify all your products and so much more

Identifying your products with GTINs

Product identifiers on

A detailed list of the product identifiers required in each product category for eBay

GS1 UK Quick Fire guide

GS1 UK quick-fire guide

Check out our quick-fire guide to GTIN allocation for eBay multivariate listings

Guide to EANs, GTINs, UPCs

Ultimate guide to GTINs, EANs and UPCs for Amazon, eBay & Google

Are you confused about GTINs, EANs and UPCs for use on Amazon, eBay or Google Shopping? We’ve teamed up with daytodayebay to help you find the answer to all your questions

Need a GTIN

Do you need a GTIN, EAN or UPC?

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