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Top tips for turning your first-time Peak buyers into repeat customers

We’re preparing for another busy season with sales expect to rise by the end of this month.

New customers

During the peak period, we naturally attract new customers with various offers and seasonal products. And with all this effort to win new customers, it’d be nice to keep them coming back. Below are some suggestions that you can implement in your marketplace stores and website to retain those holiday shoppers.


First off, I should begin with a slight caveat. Marketplaces are great for generating sales for your business, however, it’s a real challenge to build a loyal customer base on them – as a seller you never really ‘own’ your customers.


Amazon’s guidelines for sellers communicating with buyers are very strict. But one thing you can do is follow up with a buyer through the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service. It’s notable that Amazon does monitor these communications and you should not attempt to divert a buyer to your own website or anywhere off Amazon through these communications. Another thing you could consider doing through the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service, is to include a voucher code for a subset of your product catalogue that compliments the original purchase – or even your entire catalogue.


There are more brand building opportunities on eBay than on Amazon. These are primarily through your store front. One key thing you need to make sure is that you’re using the promotion box for newsletter sign up.

Build an email list within eBay
With the additional traffic your store will receive over the peak period, positioning your newsletter as a VIP sales list should encourage buyers to sign up. You can then re-engage your subscribers through eBay’s email marketing opportunities – depending on your store size you’ll have up to 5000 emails that you can send for free through the platform. You can also use the post-purchase communications to encourage customers to subscribe to your email list or display complimentary and related products to the one they’ve just purchased.

Promotions manager and Markdown Manager
Once you have your email list there’s a number of things you can do to incentivise repeat purchase:

  • Codeless coupons – these are URLs you can create to a product with a discount applied to it. These can be shared through your social media channels or alternatively you can reward your VIPs that have subscribed to your email list.
  • You can also create a ‘sale event’ that enables you to merchandise discounts you’ve put together through the promotions manager these can include:
    • Order size promotions such as, ‘Save 20% when you spend £100’, ‘£15 off when you spend £50’, ‘Save £20 when you buy 3’, ‘Save 25% when you buy 3’, ‘Buy 1 get 1 at 50% off (lowest priced item)’ or ‘Buy3, get 1 free (lowest price item)
    • Accessory discounts such as creating a bundle and save – discounts or free postage on a related item when purchased with a primary item

The eBay email marketing tool is a little inflexible as you have to use their templates – but you should stick with it! Shoppers that subscribe to your store tend to be much more engaged, which means the emails tend to have much higher conversion"

Lorna Beament, GS1 UK


Your own website is a whole different ball game when it comes to repeat purchasers – here you truly own the customer and the data that you acquire. Although, you should make sure that you’re always on the right side of the new data protection rules.

Email marketing

Building your list
In the same way as eBay, you should encourage sign ups to your newsletter or a VIP offers list – you should be doing this on your own website. This doesn’t have to be discount focused – everyone loves to feel special, so why not offer an advance purchase option on your new range in the new year.

Transactional emails
While a lot of emails over the peak period can get lost in the myriad of offers – transactional emails maintain a very high open rate and customers give them extra attention. So why not include related or complementary products to help raise awareness and sales. You can also include that all important sign up link to your VIP list here as well. All shopping carts have functionally to customise transactional emails – so, check to see if there are any templates you can use or ask your developer.

Social media marketing

The power of social media can’t be understated – the platforms that can drive ROI for your business are constantly evolving. Although, there’s a lot of platforms out there now for you to engage with your audience so, make sure you’re investing your time wisely and spending it on the platforms that your customers engage with the most. You can save time and harmonise your efforts by managing social media posts with tools like buffer where you can schedule your post and monitor reactions. 

Don’t forget to reward your social followings by sharing exclusive offers and promo codes!

Make your email list work even harder by targeting your custom audiences on Facebook. You can put your email list into the Facebook advertising platform to offer these customers something unique they’ll see when browsing Facebook. Targeting specifically those new customers that bought from you over the peak period you can set up a competition or a shareable offer – after all they were probably buying for a loved one that they’re connected to on Facebook.

Google Adwords

Using the Google Ad network you can target those that have visited your site – you’ll know the ones that follow you around the web after looking at a particular product page.

Have a wonderful season everyone!

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