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Helping small businesses sell online

Uniquely identifying your products helps shoppers find, compare and buy them more easily

GS1 standards are becoming increasingly important for small ecommerce businesses. As marketplaces, like Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping, need to find ways to manage their vast product catalogues as effectively as possible, they’re asking online sellers to provide unique identifiers for their products. With a better understanding of what’s being sold on the marketplaces they can then make enhancements to help shoppers find, compare and buy products more easily.

The GS1 system for unique product identification has been used in retail for over 40 years – starting with the scan of the very first barcode. And it’s with our experience in helping the retail industry trade more efficiently that we can help small businesses make the most of their GS1 membership.

How we can help?

Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN)

Identify your products for trading on marketplaces

Search and seo

Search and SEO

GS1 standards for the web – the easiest way to discover and describe products on the web

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Discover GS1 standards

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Product identifiers for eBay

Selling on ebay?

GS1 numbers are now required for branded goods

GTINs for Amazon

Selling on Amazon?

Then you need GS1 numbers

GTINs for Google Shopping feeds

Selling on Google shopping?

Listing your products on Google Shopping, you’ll need to include a GTIN

GS1 UK guide to selling on marketplaces

Our guide provides informative insight for merchants already selling on marketplaces


Getting your products ready to sell online

Your five step guide to getting started with GS1 standards

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