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Search and SEO

GS1 standards for the web – the easiest way to discover and describe products on the web

Structured data
The benefits of using structured data (PDF) 

40 years ago the barcode fundamentally changed retail – now work is underway to embed the standards that enabled this shift into the language of the web. 

We have been working collectively with our members, standards organisations (W3C) and search engines (Google) to make it easier to discover and describe products on the web.

GS1 can support retailers and brands deliver the right information at the right time on the right device and in the right location. 

By leveraging the relevant GS1 standards, businesses will benefit from:

  • Better search results for consumers to find the products and information they need.
  • Greater visibility of their products in online searches.
  • Improved, accurate online product information.
  • Shared product information via consumer-facing mobile devices and websites, which ultimately drive sales.

We now have a new draft standard (GS1 SmartSearch) ready for public review and we invite you to give your opinion – find out more

Watch our short video to see how GS1 standards for the web will benefit consumers.

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