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Mobile Couponing

Setting the scene for the mass distribution and acceptance of mobile couponing

With the GSMA, we are actively supporting the development and implementation of a consistent interoperable framework, and related processes, for the mass distribution and acceptance of digital coupons via multiple mobile operators and other distributors that will allow consumers to use and redeem digital coupons seamlessly anywhere. 

This will also enable brands and retailers to offer a tailored experience and be able to fully measure the effectiveness of campaigns quickly.

We have produced a joint white paper on Mass Distribution and Acceptance of Mobile Couponing detailing how to leverage the technologies and business processes already adopted by brands and merchants, as well as existing standards used within the supply chain – Read now and help us bring this initiative alive.

See previous papers about Mobile Commerce in Retail published by GSMA and find out how mobile commerce can transform consumers’ experience of loyalty programmes and associated couponing.

Listen to David Smith - Head of Digital at GS1 UK - and Paul Crutchley - Value Added Services Director at GSMA - explain how growing digital coupon market needs consistency and interoperability to realise full potential.

An industry moving forward

Mobile couponing programmes have already been implemented in several markets such as Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain.

In Belgium and Luxembourg, major merchants Delhaize and Carrefour use a central coupon data pool to manage the distribution and redemption of coupons. If you trade in these markets, or have plans to enter, this information is of your interest – Global Coupon Number (GCN) on coupons obligatory as of 1/2/2015

If you like to get involved contact us today.