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Granting consumers the flexibility and choice demanded when it comes to obtaining their online purchases

Our standards are giving retailers complete visibility of every product through the supply chain – from manufacturer to retailer.

Flexibility and choice in the final mile – customer delivery and returns – is now an essential part of the modern shopper journey.

Using GS1 standards, businesses benefit from:

  • Anytime and anywhere fulfilment through interoperability and flexibility in delivery models
  • Improved tracking and provenance visibility of a package throughout its journey
  • Better management of easy return of unwanted purchases

A robust fulfilment strategy is key

In a joint white paper with Planet Retail – Delighting the modern shopper – we dig deep into each stage of the modern shopper journey. The report highlights six key elements for omnichannel success and how to create a seamless consumer experience across all channels.

50% of shoppers say their choice of retailer is influenced by the option of same or next-day delivery.”

Focusing on speed and reliability is no longer enough to win the consumer. Providing flexibility and choice, while shortening the distance and time between product and consumer, must be a priority for retailers.

See where GS1 standards apply in today’s shopper journey

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