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Omnichannel retailing

We are working with industry on a transformational programme in support of omnichannel retailing – to enhance and optimise key areas of the customer experience

This programme will deliver standards and solutions that are fundamental to enabling seamless experiences across all channels, systems and devices.

Does your supply chain speak the language of omnichannel? (PDF)

The omnichannel challenge

With the growth of ecommerce and mobile technology, consumers are more empowered than ever before. They have increasingly high expectations of product information, product availability and buying experience.

However, there is a disconnect between what consumers expect and what retailers can provide. 

While starting to transition towards providing a consistent, seamless consumer experience, retailers and their suppliers cannot realistically fulfil the omnichannel vision using their existing systems and processes.

Working with industry to deliver a new approach

To create a seamless consumer experience, retailers and brands must have visible, accurate and interconnected information about products at all times.

This will make it possible to deliver the products consumers want, when and where they want them, increasing brand affinity and sales.

By enabling the unique identification and smooth exchange of products and information – from source to consumers – GS1 standards create the foundation for successful omnichannel retailing.

We are working with leading industry players to increase adoption and implementation of GS1 standards, enabling retailers to become truly omnichannel and to deliver the seamless consumer experience they are striving for.

Listen to Tesco and Google explain the challenges of connecting with today’s customers and managing the omnichannel experience. 

Read our latest news or contact us for more information on how GS1 standards are enabling a true omnichannel experience.



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