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GS1 standards are widely used by producers, artists and record labels to help protect music revenues and track sales

The UK music industry is one of our most vibrant and exciting sectors. But it has seen enormous change in recent years, and with the dramatic increase in digital downloads and then streaming services, concerns about piracy and royalty protection are a constant factor.

Our globally recognised standards play a major part in helping address these concerns.

GS1 barcode numbers are used for online sales and digital downloads, via iTunes or Amazon, and in-store on CDs, and even vinyl. They ensure your sales are fully traceable and correctly allocated to artists.

Working with BPI, AIM and MMF

Over the years, we’ve forged partnerships with the leading industry bodies too, so their members can turn to us for advice and support. We’ve worked together to raise awareness of the importance of unique identification using GS1 standards.

And our standards support performing artists and record labels as they become established and grow their sales. This means that royalties are correctly allocated and data can be provided to the Official Chart Company.

If you are a member of BPI (British Phonographic Industry), AIM (Association of Independent Music), or MMF (Music Managers Forum), we can offer you tailored options for licensing our numbers.


If you're ready to start selling your music learn how to get a barcode.