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Unique identification

Identifying your products is just the first step to trading with others

Unique identification

GS1 standards for identification make it easy for companies to speak the same language. They provide a common system for identifying your products – as well as your cases, logistic units, locations, assets and more.

This enables you to efficiently access information about items in your supply chain, and share this information with all your trading partners.

All GS1 identification keys are globally unique, and can be shared between organisations, increasing supply chain visibility for trading partners. And they’re being used online too, by Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping.

It all starts with a GS1 Company Prefix

When you join GS1 UK we licence you a unique Company Prefix. And from this simple start, you can identify all your products and so much more…

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GS1 identification keys commonly used in the
grocery sector

Identifying products with GTINs

A GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) is the number you see beneath almost every barcode in the world. You can use them to identify cases of products too. Like all our identification keys, you create them from your unique Company Prefix.

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Identifying locations with GLNs

The GLN (Global Location Number) identifies locations. This could be a company, warehouse, factory, store or even a shelf. GLNs are widely used in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) too.

How to… Create and use Global Location Numbers (GLNs)

Identifying logistics units with SSCCs

SSCCs (Serial Shipping Container Code) are used to identify logistics units, and they are used to track shipments between suppliers and retailers.

How to…. Create and apply GS1 Logistics Labels using SSCCs

Using our identification keys means you can benefit from more standards too



Increasing efficiency with automated data capture

Electronic data interchange

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Identifying your products is just the first step to trading with others

Discover GS1 standards

Discover GS1 standards

Learn how GS1 standards can be used to benefit you and your business, and how they play a vital role in everyone's lives