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Food information challenge

Responding to the need for more product information

Consumers’ are increasingly demanding information about the food they eat. 

  • Is it locally sourced? 
  • Is it organic? 
  • How nutritional is it? 
  • What allergens are in it?

And new regulations like Food Information to Consumers EU 1169/2011 demand that consumers have access to all specific information at the point of purchase – in stores, online or in restaurants and in cafes.  

This means it is more important than ever that the foodservice industry can deliver the right product with the right information in the right place at the right time at the right cost.

We have worked with industry, through the Foodservice Directors’ Group (FSDG), to drive industry change. We’re getting everybody - suppliers, distributors and operators – to speak the same language, using GS1 standards. 

And when this happens, we've estimated that the foodservice industry could save £100million a year. We know, because we've shown how the retail industry saves over£10 billion a year with GS1 standards.

What are we doing to drive change

We commissioned and published the Foodservice information challenge report (PDF), setting out the roadmap to adoption of GS1 standards. This was followed by an industry-wide call-for-action for the adoption of standards.

Read our latest news or contact us for more information on how GS1 standards are helping the foodservice industry £100m a year.