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Cost to serve downloads

Read our full report and test your own numbers in our ready reckoner tool

Where did your profitability go


Check out the full report of the cost-to-serve programme and find out more about:

  • The challenges of managing the cost-to-serve
  • The key cost areas and levers at each stage of the value chain
  • The benefits of GS1 standards on the cost-to-serve

Ready reckonerReady reckoner

Try out our ready reckoner tool we created with Cranfield School of Management, to get an idea of where costs are building up in your business. Use the tool to see:

  • The operational cost make up of your business
  • The impact of future business decisions
  • The cost benefits of GS1 standards

Note, these costs and savings highlighted in the ready reckoner tool are indicative only, as every organisation has their own specific measures to consider.

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