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Apparel RFID Toolkit

Your complete guide to implementing RFID

RFID toolkit

We've put together the RFID toolkit to give you the support you need to kick start your RFID program. It offers you advice from our team of experts from a neutral, non-solution focused perspective to help you:

  • Build a business case
  • Understand your ROI
  • Become and informed buyer
  • Learn how to transition from barcodes to RFID
  • Shape your pilot
  • Successfully complete your roll out

By using RFID tagging on each item in their inventory, early adopters have seen sales increase between 2% and 20% - by exposing every product to the maximum number of consumers and selling it for the most profitable price.

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  • What's included?
  • Why should you be looking at RFID?
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What's included?

User tools: Access to an interactive, web-based EPC/RFID adoption roadmap with live access to the tasks and tools required to successfully integrate RFID into your operations. To help you effectively deploy EPC-enabled item level RFID, we offer a comprehensive, easy-to-follow web-based roadmap tool, which includes an outline of activities essential for EPC-enabled RFID adoption, including:

  • FAQs
  • ROI calculator tool
  • An implementation blueprint and timeline
  • Advice on selecting implementation partners
  • Resources to get your implementation right first time
  • Use of the EPC symbol
  • Latest development from industry
  • Tailored support

Advisory service: Half a day’s consultation with one of our expert RFID consultants.

Why should you be looking at RFID?

Business benefits of RFID in the apparel sector

The effect of RFID will be felt right through our supply chain, enabling us to automate our facilities up stream. The technology maximises the beneits of automation. It will allow us to consolidate and fulfill orders, from across channels and sources, serving the customer more efficiently. Ultimately this affects the authenticity of our brand."

Terry Murphy, Director National Distribution Centre, John Lewis

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