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NHS Innovation – the missing piece of the puzzle

Date: August 23, 2021

Category: Guest opinion piece

Author: Guest author

A review of NHS adoption of innovation and the HealthTec Connect process by Ray Hodgkinson MBE, and Michael Clancy.

The primary driver for innovation is to ensure the adoption and use of the invention.

HealthTech Connect is a secure, online database of devices, diagnostics, and digital health technologies that are intended for use in the NHS or wider UK health and care system.

In a detailed review of the HealthTec Connect process and NHS adoption of innovation, Ray Hodgkinson MBE and Michael Clancy, share their insights into the HealthTec Connect innovation adoption process and suggest remedies which, if adopted, would provide an opportunity to enshrine improvements for the NHS adoption of innovation, permitting the Secretary of State to meet the aspirations contained in Part 3 of the new Medicines and Medical Devices Bill.

This report covers:

  • A closer look at the adoption and dissemination of innovation across the NHS
  • Clinical evidence and value-based procurement
  • Areas for improvement looking at the missing piece of the puzzle
  • Routes to commercialisation
  • Suggested remedies for consideration by AAC and NICE
  • Conclusions