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Spotlight on Torchwood Technologies Ltd

Date: February 18, 2019

Category: Industry news

In our second 'spotlight on' Q&A, Torchwood Technologies Ltd talk about why SMEs are so important to them

Tell us a bit about your company

Torchwood Technologies have been operating since 2004 and is based in South Wales. We are involved in all aspects of tracking and tracing and produce a range of ruggedized Barcode / RFID / NFC products.

Our customers include, Amazon, M&S, Next, Costa Express, BMW, Bentley Motors, Migros, Carillion, Romec, SPIE, BT, NHS, Real Asset Management, as well as the fire & rescue service. Our USP is that we produce bespoke products and include adhesives that survive in the most hostile of environments and are fully resistant to chemicals, cleaning solvents, spillage etc.

Our RFID tags have also been fitted by Mid / West Wales FRS on all their 93 appliances and firefighters clothing. There are around 300 items on each appliance and these tags have been operating for over 2 1/2 years in extreme conditions. We have also supplied the same products to Warwickshire, Dorset & Wiltshire, Northants and Northern Ireland FRS and are now recognised as the main supplier for the whole of the UK FRS.

Torchwood Technologies Ltd

How can your company help small and medium sized businesses?

As an SME ourselves we have an empathy with other similar companies. We realise that grasping new ideas outside the companies normal sphere of activity can be difficult. However it is the ability to do just that which differentiates successful companies capable of growth from static companies that may ultimately be doomed to reducing markets.

What makes you unique compared to your competitors?

We have years of experience in introducing other companies to new technologies, especially in the area of Automatic Identification and Data capture. We are GS1 accredited suppliers with extensive experience in providing ROBUST bar coded and/or RFID/or NFC solutions from inception to completion. We are hardware and software agnostic always dedicated to supplying the appropriate solution. In some cases we act as tag suppliers to other developers. Our resin coated tags either bar coded or RFID or NFC can include anti-bacterial elements.

What are your business plans for the next 12 months?

To focus on developing further business with the NHS where we have a product range that has been successfully introduced to several NHS Trusts. To extend our RFID solution to other Fire & Rescue Services across the UK.  

What top tip/piece of advice would you give an SME?

Define at the outset of any change precisely what objective you wish to achieve, and have some idea of the questions you will ask potential suppliers. Do not allow a slick salesman to provide you with the solution in his bag. Ensure the solution is right for you.

How can SMEs get in touch with you?

Through our website, email us at  or call us on either 07788 107393 or 08452 302814

Or visit the Torchwood Technologies Ltd page via our partner finder.


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