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Industry leaders recognised as champions of GS1 standards at prestigious awards

Date: October 20, 2017

Category: Industry news

Leaders from the grocery, healthcare and apparel industries were recognised for their dedication to promoting data and information standards across their sectors at a prestigious awards ceremony.

The GS1 UK industry champion awards took place on Tuesday 17 October at GS1 UK’s AGM and the winners on the night included Aidan Tyers of itsu, James Mayne of Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and Harrods’ Simon Finch.

Now in their third year, the GS1 UK industry champion awards recognise members who have helped develop and promote GS1 standards to benefit their businesses, as well as their wider industries.

The awards were presented by Harshal Gore, GS1 UK’s Industry Engagement Director, and the first prize went to Aidan Tyers, Operations Director for itsu.

Aidan Tyers

Aidan was presented with the Grocery industry champion award having been recognised for his efforts to promote the benefits of the Digital DNA programme, while being a champion of SMEs in GS1’s drive to implement a single product data catalogue in the grocery sector.

Next to receive their award was James Mayne, eProcurement Manager for the Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

James Mayne

James was presented with the healthcare industry champion award following his tireless efforts to advocate the benefits of GS1 standards and their adoption in his own Trust but also across the healthcare industry.

And the final gong was presented to Harrods’ Director of Distribution Simon Finch, who received the Apparel industry award. He was recognised by GS1 UK because in a short amount of time, Simon has become an enthusiastic proponent of the application of GS1 standards in apparel and has also supported every industry programme GS1 has run for the apparel sector in the past 12 months.

Simon Finch

A special life-time member award was then presented to Dr Stefan Hesse of Alkemics. After more than 10 years as a member of GS1 UK’s supervisory board, Dr Hesse has now joined an exclusive group of lifetime members who might not sit on any of the formal boards but remain vocal supporters and proponents of GS1 standards.

Dr Stefan Hesse

The drive to achieve our mission of increasing the adoption of GS1 standards would be a lot poorer if it weren’t for the dedication and tireless efforts of people like Aidan, James and Simon."

Gary Lynch, GS1 UK’s CEO

“Our newly crowned award winners are so important to us as they are the advocates who not only share the benefits of data and information standards within their own businesses but they also champion standards across their wider industries. Congratulations.”


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