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The Perfect Order: Working together to get it right first time

Date: September 06, 2016

Category: Industry news

The Perfect Order programme will improve retailer and supplier relationships by focusing on a right first time approach to the order-to-cash process.

It will unlock hundreds of millions of pounds of avoidable costs from the retail grocery supply chain. We want your views

We’ve been working with leading retailers and suppliers over the past year on a new industry-wide programme: the Perfect Order. It’s a set of industry-agreed, harmonised processes and the consistent application of GS1 standards across the order-to-cash process. The programme covers three phases:

Perfect Order

We’ve launched the first output from this programme – and we want to hear your views on it. The minimum requirements for in-bound logistics for retailers and suppliers document sets out what the minimum requirements are for in-bound product preparation and receipt for deliveries from suppliers to retailers, within the ambient and fresh product categories. It covers:

  • Consumer unit barcode: Type, placement and scannability
  • Traded unit barcode: Type, placement and scannability
  • Pallet label: Content, design and placement
  • Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN): Content, format and timing
  • Delivery documentation: Content
  • Driver and vehicle standards: Pallet loading, multi-drop, timeliness of deliveries, occupational health and safety
More about the Perfect Order programme

Minimum requirements for in-bound logistics for retailers & suppliers

We want your feedback

If you’re a retailer or supplier then we want to hear your views, so please take five minutes to complete one of the simple online questionnaires.

Please let us know by 31 October 2016.