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An interview with Simon Mardle, Logistics and Change Management, Tesco PLC

Date: December 14, 2015

Category: Industry news

Ian Walters, Market Development Manager – Retail/CPG at GS1 UK speaks to Simon Mardle, the 2015 Retail industry champion award winner, about the adoption of GS1 standards and their benefits to the retail industry

1. You were recently awarded the GS1 UK Retail industry champion award – what does this industry recognition award mean to you?

It’s great to know that others also recognise the importance of something you feel very passionate about. It’s taken a long time and a lot of hard work to get some momentum behind this, but it does now feel as if a large proportion of our industry is also starting to get very excited about the potential the perfect order programme can offer as well.

2. In a few words, what does the perfect order programme offer to Tesco?

It helps us to serve our customers better. Great inbound standards will mean the critical handover of product and data at the dock door will be slick, efficient, accurate and easy. Accurate data and simpler processes will mean we can get the right products that matter most to our customers on-shelf as quickly as possible. We also want to make things simpler for our suppliers, which is why we want to see an industry wide approach that will bring consistency of standards and process.

3. What is your main goal – what do you aspire to achieve by engaging with the perfect order initiative?

We want to increase the accuracy of data in our systems so that they make the best ordering decisions and our customers get what they need. We want to make things simpler and more consistent for suppliers so that together we can focus on the things that really matter for our customers. Finally we want to have simpler processes to give us reduced vehicle turnaround times and removal of unnecessary claims handling.

4. Do you think the retail industry is ready to collaborate and engage in implementing a set of industry agreed standards?

I believe our suppliers are ready and that we have sufficient critical mass with retailers. With this level of support and interest in the industry Tesco will continue to fully support GS1 UK and champion this cause.

5. While implementing the use of GS1 standards did you encounter any challenges? If yes, how did you overcome them?

We’re still going through this process and there are many detailed challenges – it will take time to align the industry. However we are taking a pragmatic approach to land the simple things now, with a clear long term roadmap to continually improve and tighten up on the industry standard as the work evolves.

6. Lastly, was it a surprise when you found out you won?

Yes, it was a complete surprise and an honour.

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