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Andrew Osborne presented with GS1 UK lifetime achievement award

Date: November 27, 2015

Category: Industry news

Author: Gary Lynch

Andrew Osborne received the first ever GS1 UK lifetime achievement award at the 39th Annual General Meeting and briefing.

As a Director of GS1 UK, a member of the Executive team and the Supervisory Board, he has been recognised and universally respected as an inspiration to the GS1 community in the UK and globally for nearly 40 years.

Since my early days at GS1 in 1988, I have had the privilege and the pleasure to work with Andrew. He contributed massively to establishing the foundational principles and the core GS1 standards that are used by millions of companies all around the globe today. His analytical skills and his bright thinking have been an inspiration for many of us. "

Henri Barthel, VP GS1 system integrity and global partnerships, GS1 Global Office


Andrew started in the Food Manufacturer’s Federation in June 1976, after which he led the UK Article Number Association (GS1 UK’s predecessor) from 1979 to 1998. He was at the heart of several projects that transformed UK trade and industry and witnessed the scanning of the first item in the UK in 1979, which was a box of Melrose Tea Bags.

Andrew Osbourne presented with GS1 UK lifetime achievement award

Since then, he has held senior management positions in GS1 UK and is currently Chief Technical Officer, responsible for ensuring GS1 UK’s technical integrity, for getting UK business requirements recognised in GS1 global standards and for the organisation’s governance and compliance.

I’ve known Andrew since 1994 and since then I’ve seen his recognition as one of the custodians of our standards rise and rise, not only in the UK but globally. He is without doubt the leading expert in everything GS1 UK does every day. He’s simply unflappable, incredibly loyal and a passionate ambassador for what we do."

Gary Lynch, CEO GS1 UK


Andrew received the GS1 UK lifetime achievement award for his dedication and longstanding commitment to the role of GS1 standards in UK industry, acting as guardian, champion and ambassador.

Congratulations, Andrew!

GS1 UK Annual Review

GS1 UK Annual Review

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