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Enabling clarity in foodservice from farm to fork

Date: June 30, 2015

Category: Industry news, Opinion piece

Steve Hammans, Industry Development Manager for Foodservice at GS1 UK, discusses the changing landscape in the foodservice supply chain

Consumers are demanding ever greater variety, quality, service and value from foodservice operators, driving the need for more detailed product information.

Foodservice businesses are being challenged to respond. Long supply chains, in many cases based on manual systems and processes, can hamper everyone throughout from obtaining and maintaining accurate and detailed information efficiently.

Consequently, everyone needs visible, accurate and interconnected information about products at all times. This means consumers can make more informed decisions – increasing trust and sales.

Wherever you are in the supply chain

Wherever you are in the supply chain, GS1 standards enable your business to run more efficiently, saving money whilst supporting faster and safer trading relationships.

GS1 in Foodservice blueprint

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The GS1 system underpins our customer goal: to provide the right product, in the right place with the right information”

John Purkins, Information Quality Manager, Brakes

From farm to fork

By enabling the unique identification and smooth exchange of products and information – from farm to fork – GS1 standards and solutions create the foundation for successful foodservice operations.

We work with our 6,000 members who supply, manufacture, distribute or sell to this sector – helping them streamline their supply chains and meet food safety requirements – by providing accurate product information using our TrueSource service.

TrueSource data pool solution:

Keep track of key product features in one place through an easy-to-use online service

Manage and update information and ensure there is only one single version of all your product information

Maintain good business relationships by publishing accurate product data directly to your trading partners

For more information, read our TrueSource brochure.

The GS1 System is founded on a common set of global identification numbers – GS1 Identification Keys – for products, companies, locations, services, assets, logistics units or customers. This enables organisations to see more clearly what’s going on in their supply chains and share accurate, real-time data with their trading partners and consumers.

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