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F&F clothing at Tesco rolls out RFID technology

Date: April 13, 2015

Category: Industry news

Tesco announced today a large-scale RFID technology roll out across its F&F clothing range in 550 stores – using GS1 EPC standards.

The retailer joins the growing movement in the Apparel, Footwear and Accessories sector towards using the technology.

Richard Collins, COO at F&F stated that “accurate stock information is a driver for the whole business”. The use of RFID improves stock visibility, leading to a more efficient and accurate replenishment of stock from the company’s distribution centres. This means more garment sizes are available to customers, improving their overall in-store experience.

Andy Robson, Solution Development Manager at GS1 UK said, “GS1 EPC standards have helped drive the adoption of RFID technologies throughout the retail industry, giving retailers the confidence to invest in new solutions. The cost of implementation is now at a level that allows a convincing business case to be built.”

The use of RFID is becoming widespread in the apparel sector. Retailers are using RFID tags alongside the traditional barcode as it helps them meet the increasing expectations of the consumer. A recent GS1 UK and Planet Retail survey found that 42% of shoppers feel it is vital that a retailer always have an item in stock. The use of RFID helps them achieve this. Auburn University has found use of the technology to meet this expectation by increasing the floor stock availability from 60 to 95%. 

Retailers that are using the technology have reported jumps in sales, through reducing the number of lost sales due to a lack of availability, and selling stock at a higher price.

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