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LocationManager is an online service that enables you and your suppliers to store, share and manage your Global Location Numbers (GLNs) in an accurate, timely and consistent way.

It provides an easy, cost-effective method of locating a GLN, or set of GLNs, for each supplier you use so you don’t waste valuable time trying to find the right supplier information when you need it. 

Every time there’s a change to any supplier information, everyone who needs to know is automatically informed. And any changes you make to your location information will be readily available to your suppliers – without you having to update each of them individually.

NHS trusts in England have committed to the implementation of GLNs and the adoption of LocationManager, in order to drive adoption across the NHS and its suppliers. This has commenced with the Southern NHS trusts with an issued Statement of Intent.

The benefits of LocationManager for trusts

  • Get all your supplier location information in once place
  • Access your supplier’s to up-to-date details 
  • Removes inaccuracies and confusion caused by duplicate, incorrect and incomplete supplier address records
  • Physical locations (wards/departments) can be identified in seconds 
  • Greater accuracy around product orders, pricing and payment
  • Improved patient safety as products are delivered to the right place when needed
  • Efficient product recalls 
  • Certainty of delivery and billing to the right location 
  • Saves time and money for the trust 

Subscription is free for all trusts as part of the GS1 UK and NHS Digital five-year partnership agreement.

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What to do next and how to subscribe

  • The first thing to do is allocate GLNs to your PEPPOL access point ID and to your ship-to locations and requisition points.
  • You will need to engage with your estates department as they will need to update their systems to include these GLNs. You will also need to ensure you have robust governance procedures in place to keep this information up to date and avoid duplication. 
  • Then, complete and submit the LocationManager application form below and get in touch with your estates department to get started. We are very happy to set up a conference call to help get the stakeholders together and on the same page.

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