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How we can help

We are here to help you to implement GS1 standards – From free webinars, social and news – to support and advice – we can get you on the right track

Social and news

Free webinars and training

We’ve set up the GS1 academy to help you improve patient safety, delivery greater regulatory compliance and drive operational efficiencies – through understanding and implementing GS1 standards.

Learn more about our:

Support and advice

Our team of expert consultants will help you take a temperature check of your organisation’s ‘readiness’ and work with you to develop your adoption plan. Just ask our healthcare team for a consultation.

Still need more help?

Our healthcare team can answer any questions you may have about adopting GS1 standards at your organisation.

Get in touch with our team:
T: 0808 172 8390

Between the lines

NHS South of England Procurement Services

How GS1 standards help the NHS save time, money and lives

Meet the team

Our healthcare team is responsible for ensuring we have the right approach and programmes in place