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Healthcare suppliers

GS1 standards for suppliers

In 2014, the Department of Health mandated that all NHS Trusts must adopt GS1 standards and this means all their suppliers must become GS1 compliant. The deadline for compliance is 2019/20.

If you manufacture or supply medical devices or pharmaceuticals then you’ll need to comply with the Department of Health mandate – whether it’s locally for the NHS, the private sector or globally – there are strict new regulations you must meet in order to continue to do business.

We can help you to understand what these requirements mean for you. And what your business needs to do to meet new regulations – not to mention the benefits you can achieve in operational efficiencies and patient safety too.

Things you need to know


eProcurement strategy

What the eProcurement strategy means for suppliers


Unique Device Identification (UDI)

Do you comply with UDI?

How we can help

Become a GS1 UK member

Become a member

Take your first step towards becoming GS1 compliant

Healthcare webinars


Free webinars that explain the background to healthcare regulations and how GS1 standards ensure you comply

Ultimate guide to GTINs, EANs and UPCs for Amazon, eBay & Google


We have a range of services available, including training on GS1 standards and how they are used in the NHS

David Lawson

Case studies

Success stories from Trusts and suppliers across the UK

GS1 LocationManager


A single source of truth – an easy, cost-effective and time-saving way to manage and access location information

Acronym Decoder


The most commonly used acronyms in GS1 Healthcare


Working with trade associations

We work together with trade associations to ensure the healthcare industry is adopting and benefiting from GS1 standards


Working with regulators

Standards are integral to effective regulation in healthcare. We work closely with the MHRA to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved in the regulation of medicines and medical devices

Any questions

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