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The eProcurement strategy: GS1 and PEPPOL standards in healthcare

Delivering better patient care through efficiency and transparency in NHS procurement

Solution providers

Any solution providers working with NHS Acute Trusts in England must become GS1 compliant if they wish to continue providing them with any service or product. This was mandated by the Department of Health in its eProcurement strategy (PDF) in 2014. The deadline for compliance is 2019/20.

How we can help

GS1 UK Healthcare Become a member

Become a member

To ensure you are compliant with GS1 standards you need to become a member of GS1 UK

GS1 UK Healthcare Webinars


Free webinars that explain the background to healthcare regulations and how GS1 standards ensure you comply

Ultimate guide to GTINs, EANs and UPCs for Amazon, eBay & Google


We have a range of services available, including training on GS1 standards and how they are used in the NHS

David Lawson

Case studies

Success stories from Trusts and suppliers across the UK

Medical device suppliers and manufacturers – do you comply with UDI?

If you supply medical devices to the USA you must comply with the new US FDA UDI regulations.

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