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What Trusts need to know

Resources to help Trusts wanting to implement GS1 standards


A growing number of Trusts are implementing GS1 standards in line with the Department of Health and Social Care’s mandate, included in the eProcurement Strategy 2014. As part of this, Trusts need to work with solution providers that support GS1 standards to fulfil their clinical and business needs.

Working with GS1, Trusts can:

  • Leverage industry best practices by learning from the benefits and outcomes experienced by other healthcare providers that have already implemented GS1 standards-based solutions
  • Reduce risk by using a proven solution that is already being used by other healthcare providers
  • Save money by avoiding customisation where it’s not needed
  • Use the expertise of solution providers to drive faster, more effective implementations
  • Make change management across departments easier by learning from the experiences of others

Why your solutions should support GS1 standards

What to discuss with Solution Providers

The GS1 standards technical questions to ask