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Product safety recall

Recall products quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively with GS1 standards

Product recall

By uniquely identifying every product, medical device and medicine used along the patient pathway, a Trust can quickly and effectively track and trace everything through their own supply chain right through to individual patients. This saves hours of searching for recalled stock, releases more time back to care and, most importantly, enables recalled items to be removed before they reach a patient.

And scanning the patient wristband and the product at the point of use into the patient record enables product safety recalls to be managed even after a patient has received care. This enables easy identification of affected patients after the receipt of a product recall notice, together with identification and isolation of faulty products.

The benefits

  • Respond quickly to recalls
  • Reduce costs associated with locating recalled products
  • Reduced legal risk due to timely withdrawal of recalled products
  • Increased patient safety

What an efficient product safety recall system looks like

  1. All requirements for the patient identification core enabler have been met
  2. All requirements for the location numbering core enabler have been met
  3. All requirements for the catalogue management core enabler have been met
  4. All required outcomes for the inventory management use case have been met
  5. The Trusts has policies and procedures in place for product recalls based on the above
  6. The Trust can demonstrate that relevant staff have been trained on the above policies and procedures
  7. An appropriate and sustainable infrastructure is in place to facilitate an effective product recall process
Help and support

If you have any questions, need some advice about implementing GS1 standards or want to find an accredited GS1 UK solution provider, we’re happy to help. Don’t forget to check out our case studies too. 

Contact us at or call 0808 172 8390.

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