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Medical equipment management

Use GS1 standards to improve medical equipment management systems

Medical equipment management

Clinical engineering departments are increasingly responsible for the full asset life cycle, including total cost of ownership and importantly the management of outsourced contracts, for a broad range of medical equipment including walking aids, hoists, X-ray machines and fixed equipment in theatres.

Using unique GS1 numbers and barcodes and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags provides the management information and process controls to manage these assets more effectively.

And using barcodes on assets, linked to the barcoded patient wristband, makes it easy to record which medical equipment has been used on which patients.

The benefits

  • Better utilisation of medical equipment assets
  • Reduction in clinical time spend searching for the assets
  • Capital cost savings from renting less equipment
  • More accurate and efficient maintenance of equipment
  • Improved patient safety

What efficient medical equipment management looks like

  1. GS1 numbers, barcodes and RFID tags are used to identify all medical equipment, as well as locations, staff, patients and products
  2. Where possible, paper records should be replaced, using barcode or RFID reading devices to update asset databases without the need for re-keying information
  3. Equipment commissioning, transfers, repairs and maintenance is tracked using barcode or RFID readers in order to build up the accurate information required to improve asset management policies and processes
Help and support

If you have any questions, need some advice about implementing GS1 standards or want to find an accredited GS1 UK solution provider, we’re happy to help. Don’t forget to check out our case studies too. 

Contact us at or call 0808 172 8390.

The management of medical equipment

The management of medical equipment

Commissioned by the Health and Social Care Information Centre in order to provide best practice guidelines on how GS1 standards can be used to improve the management of assets within the NHS

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