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What suppliers to NHS Trusts have to do

If you supply to NHS Acute Trusts, your contract has changed following the publication of the DH eProcurement strategy in 2014.

The strategy mandates that any service or product procured by an NHS Acute Trust must be compliant with GS1 standards. This means that you must become GS1-compliant, otherwise you will miss out on sales.

The interim Carter Review reinforced this by stating that the introduction of GS1 standards will allow every NHS hospital in England to save an average of £3million each year, while improving patient care.

What are the benefits of GS1 standards to suppliers?

GS1 standards provide globally unique identification for your products. This hugely increases efficiency and transparency for suppliers to the NHS, resulting in:

  • A single depository of your data for the NHS
  • Reduced ship-to and bill-to enquiries
  • Fewer invoice queries and order disputes
  • Reduced transaction costs
  • Quicker released payments
  • Increased accuracy of vigilance reporting
  • Reduced wastage costs
  • Greater supply chain visibility

NHS Acute Trusts had to submit a board-approved plan for the adoption of GS1 standards for procurement by June 2015. NHS contracts will state that suppliers must ensure that the items they sell to Trusts are compliant with GS1 standards.

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To ensure you are compliant with GS1 standards you need to become a member of GS1 UK – membership is available from just £119 per year.

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Medical device suppliers and manufacturers – do you comply with UDI?

If you supply medical devices to the USA you must comply with the new US FDA UDI regulations.

Talk to your trade association

Further information is also available from your trade association. We’re working closely with them to ensure the healthcare industry is adopting and benefiting from GS1 standards.

We’re working closely with industry

Working with regulators

Standards are integral to effective regulation in healthcare. We work closely with the MHRA to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved in the regulation of medicines and medical devices – and especially for effective patient safety recalls.

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Working with trade associations

We work together with trade associations to ensure the healthcare industry is adopting and benefiting from GS1 standards.

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Explore our site and discover how GS1 standards are helping to transform the NHS. And contact us to learn how we can help you.



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